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Equine Photography | A Horse & Owner | Georgia

I had the privilege of doing an equine photography session. This was my first horse and owner session and I loved it! I originally met Cheyenne during a dog photography session for her 2 dogs and she mentioned she had a horse. So, we planned another session so that I could meet Wesson and he was such a joy to be around.

The weather was perfect—a little cold but lovely in the winter sun. The whole session was majestic...I met them at the stables that Wesson stays in and we took him to a big paddock and let him do his horsey business! Cheyenne brought his favorite treats and the whole container was empty by the end.

One [big] difference that horses have from dogs is their size! Horses are much bigger! It was strange being smaller than my model. His height didn't intimidate Cheyenne though. She cuddled right up to him. It was my pleasure to document their loving relationship.

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