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Family & Dog Photography | Saguaro National Park

Did you know that the Saguaro National Park is split into 2 locations? There is an East side and a West side. The city of Tucson lies right in-between. I met the Rosinbum's for a family and dog photography session at the East location.

One of the great things about this National Park, in general, is there isn't an entrance fee. It's free to the public to drive through and admire all its beauty. I suggest getting out and walking or choosing one of the trails to hike. There is a special silence about the place that is really magical.

Before this family and dog photography session, I had never been to the East side. I have to say, it is equally as beautiful as the West with a lovely paved path leading you from the parking lot into the park, making it a great location for families with young kids or strollers.

It was a great location for this young family and their 2 dogs, Mia and Ernie. Mia is the new puppy and Ernie is the terrier and was originally Heather's dog before marrying John and starting a family. Heather requested some photos of just Ernie as she is getting older and they don't know how long they have left with her...

Scroll through their family and dog photography session here.

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