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Dog Photography | A GSD & A Belgian Malinois Puppy | Upstate New York

Typically when you hear of a German Shepherd Dog or a Belgian Malinois, you think they'll speak/understand German or Dutch, right? That's not quite the case with the two dogs I met for a dog photography session.

This 1.5 year old German Shepherd (Rex) and 5.5 month old Belgian Malinois (Dreka) speak/understand French! Ooh la la...

Their fur mama, Madesyn, is a dog trainer and trains Rex in a sport called French Ring. Dreka is following her big "brother's" footsteps and is also being trained in French. How cool is that?!

They both absolutely adore Madesyn and thank goodness for her skill and dedication. These two breeds need that level of attention and direction. A round of applause for Madesyn!

During every dog photoshoot, I try to capture the dog's unique personality as well as the more formal, posed portraits and I'm thrilled with how this session turned out! I especially love the photos of Madesyn and Rex (the GSD) together. You can tell they share a special bond and that boy loves to work. He was letting out some excited yips when we were shooting the heeling photos!

Take a look...

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