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How To Pick A Photographer in 3 Steps

Picking my photographer is something that I had a hard time with when I got engaged a few years ago. My engagement photo session was my first glimpse into professional photography so I didn't know where to start. I ended up LOVING my photographer and our session but finding her was a journey.

Now that I am on the other side of the camera, I thought it would be helpful to share a little insight on how to pick a photographer because you need to LOVE your photographer too.

Whether you’re celebrating a specific event or celebrating life in general, a photo shoot is a fantastic way to do it!

Photographs are memories. Tangible memories. They can bring people back to life in a way. They remind us of sites, smells, and feelings too and you can pass those sentiments onto future generations through your photos.

Photographs take the burden off of you to remember everything too.

You don’t want to leave that responsibility with just anybody, do you? If you’ve started your search, you’ve probably found that there are TONS of us out there (all with different styles and strengths). It can quickly become overwhelming. So, that’s why I’m writing this — in hopes that it helps you choose the right photographer for you and for your event.

#1 | How to Pick a Photographer | Pick a Style

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Photography is art and art is subjective. As we know, what is beautiful to you, isn’t to someone else. This is where you align your tastes with a photographer’s.

Questions to ask yourself: Do you want candid or posed? Outdoor or indoor? Light & airy or dark & moody? Color or black & white? On-location or in studio?

Every photographer has his/her own style of shooting and own style of editing. Peruse portfolios (most are online these days) and narrow down what styles you like. Here's mine.

#2 | How to Pick a Photographer | Set a [Realistic] Budget

Decide what you want to spend. Let me start by saying that the prices can range drastically.

For a family session, one photographer will charge $60 while another will charge $600. Here’s the thing — just like most things in life, you get what you pay for; however, I’m not suggesting the $600 photographer is the best match for you either.

Let’s maybe start with the basics. Photographers are artists, right? Right. They are also business owners and every business has its own unique business plan. Keep reading on to step 3 for more info on that.

The top reasons for the price range are due to: experience, education, and quality.

As you are scrolling through online portfolios and price lists, don’t overlook the time and effort photographers put in behind the scenes. You may spend an hour with them for your session, but they’ve done hours of work for you already and will continue to work for you after your session.

#3 | How to Pick a Photographer | Know What You Are Getting

Photographers speak their own language. Session fees, creative fees, products, digital downloads — to name a few.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions. Know what your photographer is talking about before you book. One photographer might only charge $150 for family session but do you get anything with that or is that just for the photo session experience? Another will charge $450 and you will get some digital photos with that.

Click here for my session prices.

So, I hope that helps you understand the business a little better.


1. Pick a style

2. Set a [realistic] budget

3. Know what you are getting

Don’t forget, a photographer’s job isn’t easy. They are capturing the essence of you without ever having met you before. Imagine that! You want one that you click with.

Think I’m the one for you? Right on! Click here to send me an email and we can discuss your session and schedule.



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