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Photoshoot with a Dog | Libby, Joe & Smitty | Saguaro National Park

I met Libby and Joe at Saguaro National Park East for a photoshoot with their dog, Smitty. This was a very special session for a few reasons...

  1. They were my giveaway winners! I love when people interact with my facebook and instagram accounts. It makes me feel like I'm not talking to myself—haha!

  2. I used to work with Libby, once upon a time! We both worked at the same school, doing completely different things that we do now. She's now a full time nurse and I'm a's funny how life works out. It was so good to see her and meet her husband and doggy, Smitty.

  3. Unfortunately, Joe is battling cancer. It has been on Libby's list to hire a photographer this year, so I'm really happy this worked out and am honored to photograph the two of them and their darling pup.

We had some dark storm clouds to the east and a beautiful sunset to the west which gave us some great backdrops to work with. Did you know the desert could be so green? Take a look at their photos here...

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