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Life Updates: New Baby, New Location, New Business Name

Hi there! I’m back and I have a few life updates.

First things first—we’ve added to the pack! Little Julian Gray was born on April 7th. The dogs are still getting used to him but I think they love him. They are always giving him kisses and checking on him when he’s sleeping.

You know what’s funny—I noticed the dogs like to lick the baby’s face which is kind of like us, humans, always wanting to hug and kiss dogs’ faces…we’re not so different!

Hello from Arizona

Second bit of news is that I’m back in AZ! It’s not permanent but I am here for awhile—looking like until the end of the year. So, let me know if you want to book a session while I’m here.

It is super hot right now as it’s mid-summer but I’ve done sessions in the evening here before and it’s not bad, especially in monsoon season! Check out those sessions here, here, and here.

o don’t think it’s too hot to be outside. We’ve got to get out when we can.

Canine & Co

Third bit of news is the name change! I’ve changed my business name from Eyelluminate Photography to Canine & Co Pet Photography. I wanted to better represent what I do and be clear to my audience that I photograph pets so a new name seemed right.

I’ll tell ya—rebranding is fun and exciting but coming up with a new name is hard! You want it to be something easy to remember, catchy, representative…and original. You want something that no one else has (at least no one in your industry) and need to make sure it's available for a website and social media handles. There’s a lot of thought that goes into it.

Most of my clients are dog parents hence the “canine” and some are horse parents too so that’s where the “& co” comes in. All pets are welcome here!

So that’s the latest. If you’re in Arizona, get in touch and if you’re in New York, I’ll be back soon.


Also check out these summer desert photography sessions:

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