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Travel to Savannah | Roommate Reunion

Go back in time nearly 14 years ago to August 2005. I was a freshman at The University of Arizona, moving into a dorm on campus and I was paired to live with a girl from Colorado.


We shared a bathroom with 2 other girls — one also from Colorado and one from California.

None of us knew each other but we formed friendships that have lasted over the years.

The last time we were all together was 7 years ago at Desi's wedding so it was time for another reunion. This time in Savannah, Georgia!


Desi was the planner and we are all so thankful for her. She sent us lists of Airbnb's, restaurants and activities to choose from.

Now that I live in Georgia, I had the easiest commute — just a 4 hour drive. The other 3 flew in the night before (or tried to) and stayed in a hotel. Unfortunately there were weather and mechanical issues that delayed them but they all made it... eventually (the not-so-fun part of travel).


Once we were all there, we had a great time! We stayed right by Forsyth Park which proved handy for a farmer's market on Saturday morning and an impromptu photo shoot one night before dinner. Our house was also centrally located for restaurants and midday pitstops.

We ate and drank our way through the town and tried a new restaurant for every meal. I can't remember all of the restaurants that we went to but I listed the activities that we did below!

Travel to Savannah: Activities

Farmer's Market — We bought some local peaches, cheese and bread!

Ghost Tour — Like Edinburgh, parts of Savannah are built on top of a graveyard! We walked the city and heard lots of ghost stories.

Tybee Island Beach — The water was so warm! Beware of the weather...we were caught in a torrential thunderstorm. I'm talking horizontal rain, and forceful winds that make it hard to see and move. Made for some funny stories though!

The Crab Shack — Although this is a restaurant, it also has activities like feeding alligators and talking to exotic birds.

Bonaventure Cemetery — A huge 160-acre cemetery that's located next to

Wormsloe Historic Site — One of Georgia's state parks. It has lovely huge oak trees with Spanish moss dangling down. Picturesque Savannah.

Leopold's Ice Cream — Delicious homemade ice-cream. Some of the recipes haven't changed since they opened 100 years ago in 1919! Be ready for a wait but it was worth it!

Looking forward to the next trip, girls. Let's not wait another 7 years though, okay?! Or maybe we should and make it a tradition!




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